About the Vendor

PASSstuff is the official place to buy exclusive PASS merchandise and is managed and hosted by PromoShop Inc. Site hosting, ordering and distribution provided by PromoShop, Inc.. Our Distribution Company is based in Seattle Washington.  

PromoShop, Inc. works with the PASS organization to bring the products sold on this site to the PASS Community. The PASS e-Store (or PASSstuff)  is owned and operated by PromoShop, Inc. and all sales are conducted by PromoShop Inc.. PASS grants permission to PromoShop to use PASS branding and approves all items sold to the PASS Community. PromoShop, Inc.  pays PASS a royalty per item sold, and all revenue to PASS goes back to the PASS Community.

Purchases made on the site will show up on your credit card statement as “SP* PASSSTUFF”.