Data Expert Series: Architecture Stream Download

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Learn the latest trends in data architecture with exclusive, top-rated content from leading Data Architects and educators. Five sessions from the Architecture Stream include:

  • Hamish Watson: Building a Database DevOps Pipeline in the Cloud in less than 59 Minutes
  • Leslie Weed: Innovative Data Modeling: Make Data Warehousing Cool Again
  • Ed Leighton-Dick: Principle of Least Privilege: The Key to Strong Security
  • Kimberly Tripp: Architecting for Scalability and Performance in Hybrid Workloads
  • Sourabh Agarwal: Architecting a Highly Available Database Platform with SQL Server

As a bonus, you’ll also receive the professional development session by Richard Campbell, Building Trust in Teams. That’s 6 session downloads (450 minutes!) of deep-dive data content for only $129!

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